Gold Cannabis Infused Paper online at K2 Hemp Store. Gold Cannabis Infused Paper is a quality product from a famous company at a cheap price also known as a synthetic drug and the result of years of experience in the industry of Infused Paper. Firstly, it’s extracted from pure Cannabis plants under the supervision of experienced scientists in the testing laboratory. Shine Gold Papers are made from a real 24 carats of Gold and are probably the most expensive and luxurious rolling paper the K2 Hemp Store has to offer these days. People never try other paper after smoking it because Gold doesn’t burn and the embers are not hot enough to make the 24k Gold Cannabis Infused Paper glow or burn. This way the Gold is left in the ashtray and glittering decadently.

Each Shine Gold Paper is infused in 25mL of Pure Cannabis Liquid Spray.

Shine Gold Cannabis K2 Infused Paper Size: ( 53 x 110 mm) King Size.

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Gold Cannabis K2 Infused Paper


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