Terms and Conditions K2 Hemp Store

Providing Information:

By creating an account on K2 Hemp Store, you should provide us accurate information which will be available all the time. If there will be any breach in terms and conditions, your account may be suspended. Creating an account is not much important for a single time purchase but you can do so if you want a long term relationship with K2 Hemp Store.

Do not share your account details with anyone, as you know it’s confidential when you are buying drugs online. Please make sure that your password will be limited to you and let us know if you feel anyone else is using your account, so that we can help you to recover your account as soon as possible.

THC Disclaimer (Tetrahydrocannabinol):

THC is one of the cannabinoids in cannabis which is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and mainly responsible for high sensation. Most of the products available on K2 Hemp Store, contain this chemical which is not more than 0.3% of weight . 

  • Note that, K2 Hemp Store will not take any responsibility if you have to have a traditional drug test because THC is the main compound which comes out in any drug test if you use industrial hemp excessively. 
  • Note that, if a person is using THC in excessive amounts he will be addicted to it and may fall into various mental problems after stopping taking THC, people may be stuck fighting with insomnia and depression but it recoverable after some time. K2 Hemp Store will not take any responsibility for excessive use.

Account Suspension:

Customers’ accounts can be suspended if we see any breach in terms and conditions. We are very sorry to state that but it’s an important part in maintaining the reputation of the website and building trust from our customer’s side. Try to give the complete information wherever we need to process your information.


Remember that you are using this service store at your own risk although we have approached our best to deliver your product in a secure way. Services provided at K2 Hemp Store are without warranties of any kind in case of any terms breach. 

  • Merchantability  
  • Non-infringement or course of performance.

By using K2 Hemp Store you will be agreeing to all the terms and conditions discussed above If you have any queries about terms and conditions you can Contact us.

Stay checking terms and conditions for any update!