K2 hemp Store


1- How can I order K2 products in the USA?
  • Simply add your desired product in CART
  • Choose shipping duration, proceed with the payment method.
  • Copy your Order tracking number generated by the system.
  • We support Overnight Shipping in the USA.
2- CBD effects on body
  • CBD affects the human body in many ways. Some of the major CBD effects are as follow:

    • Works as a Mood stimulating chemical.
    • Helps to improve digestion.
    • It is used in many medicines which helps to cure cancer and in many mental diseases.
    • Widely used to treat Depression and Insomnia.
    • Helps to improve working abilities.
3- THC effects on body

Effects of THC may vary on the way you consume it. Although we have summarized some of the major effects of THC on the human body.

    • Help lose weight.
    • Improve lungs performance.
    • Used to treat chronic pains.
    • Widely used in medicines to treat Cancer.
    • Best treatment for depression and sleeping problems.
    • Helps to treat PTSD
4- Difference between THC and CBD

THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis plants that produces the high sensation after consuming a small amount of it. It can be consumed by smoking cannabis. Despite their similar chemical structures, CBD and THC don’t have the same psychoactive effects. CBD is psychoactive, just not in the same manner as THC. CBD is shown to help with anxiety and seizures.

9- What we do with your provided information?

Customers are satisfied with our privacy and policy because we don’t share our customer’s confidential data with any third person for any interest because we know people got confidential buying drugs online. That’s why we used encrypted databases for the best protection of customer’s privacy.

10- K2 papers in prisons

K2 papers are specially made odourless and colorless to hide for any authorities. We have inner contacts to deliver drugs in prison, our decentralized network is efficient fast and able to work under any circumstances.

Our underground network has been enhanced since the Corona Pandemic situation Worldwide. Verify your prison order at Wikr/ProtonMail.

11- How can i be sure on K2HS privacy?

K2HempStore maintains privacy protection standards because we know that there are many scams on the internet, some are scams, and some lack due to the lowest approaches in measures to privacy policies.

Your information is processed through a secure network called SSL. Before starting this only store we were customers ourselves so that we have experienced almost every situation, that’s why we are using the best servers available regarding privacy protection of our customers.

12- Why do K2HS need your data?

We need to ask for some confidential information for a secure and reliable payment transaction so that our customers receive orders at their doorstep within days. In the whole process from ordering to our store till you receive your delivery, we don’t ask a single irrelevant question from our customers.

17- Shipping Worldwide

There is also no need to worry if you are anywhere in the world. We are shipping from the United States to Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, UK, Germany, Russia, China and Ukraine. If you are from Asia and the Middle East, Don’t worry we will approach you through Turkey. We have multiple options in shipping methods and we will choose one as per customers demand.

18- Damaged package

K2 Hemp Store will deliver your product again if something wrong happens with your product. Company will bear all the re-shipping cost but you don’t need to worry about that because this happens only in 1 from 1000 products.

We care about our customers because our customer satisfaction is our pleasure and this is the only reason why K2 Hemp Store gains popularity in a very short time. We never compromise on quantity and quality because we care about every dollar you spend buying your enjoyment.

19- Where do you ship my package

K2 Hemp Store is delivering worldwide. Firstly we confirm our customers address then we contact the nearest branch of our store to make sure the delivery will be on time. We are shipping from the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia directly till your door

20- Bitcoin and CashApp payment:

We accept the following payment methods on K2 Hemp Store.


  • Get an amazing discount on Bitcoin Purchases
  • Quick Payment verification
  • No hidden charges will be applied


  • CashApp is the worldwide best mobile payment service.
  • No need to go anywhere, you can pay from your phone.
  • Till now Cash App has over 8 Million Active users worldwide.
5- How to buy a product on K2 Hemp Store
  • Open the SHOP of the website.
  • If you face any difficulty finding this section, you can simply go to the search bar and search with the product name you want to buy.
  • Once to go to the products page check the details carefully, read instructions, select quantity (Remember we are offering amazing discounts on Big Purchases and Purchases on Bitcoins) and add them to cart.
  • After adding items to the cart, let’s move to the cart section.
  • In the Checkout, enter your required details carefully as the order will be delivered to your given address.
  • Select payment method.
  • After selecting the payment method, proceed to place an order.
6- What will i get on delivery?


This is all we can give to our customers to get their satisfactions and reviews to maintain the standard of K2Hempstore.com. All of our products are 100% prepared and packed under the supervision of qualified staff. Our staff is our heart; they help us to stand with years in the huge market. We are damn sure that you will never review some wrong about us after consuming your ordered product.

7- What if i want to return?

We are very sorry to say that orders are not returnable once it reaches your doorstep. The reason for this act is that our store can’t manage the expenses if we have to return because it will cost us to return back our order. 

We can do one thing for you that we will sure that you will get your product 100% in quality and quantity. Another product package will be sent to our honorable customer without any extra charges if the order will be incomplete or damaged.

8- Pay with Bitcoins using different payment methods?

Pay with Bitcoins using different account payment methods for an amazing discount, using other payment methods like CashApp, and Credit/Debit card

  • Read this article if you want to Buy drugs using CashApp Bitcoins using Cash App with just a few clicks.
  • If you needs to buy Bitcoins from your Credit/Debit card.
13- K2HS use cookies

We use cookies to respond best from our end but if someone doesn’t want your computer to send cookies you can simply give instructions to our browser. If a user turns off cookies, he will have no longer access to some of the features of the website. In Simple words, we use cookies to make the whole process easy and this is all about user satisfaction.

  • To process the information in the quickest way
  • For getting rid of difficulties in transaction headache.
14- K2HS use Offshore servers to save your data

K2 Hemp Store is using offshore servers for saving confidential data about our customers. We know, on the internet, that it is very sensitive to buy drugs, which is why we never compromise on our customer’s safety and also our reputation in the market.

15- What shipping services do K2HS provide

We do not use any public shipping service due to the nature of business. We have different approaches like dead links that we utilize for these shipments. This is all because of keeping in view privacy of both store and customers.

16- Shipping rates
  • Standard Shipping (Normal Approach): It will cost you 25$ and you will receive your order within 7-9 working days.
  • Standard Shipping (Quick Approach): It will cost you 35$ and your order will be at your doorstep within 2-4 working days.

Overnight Shipping: This is the fastest approach of shipping available. It will cost you 50$ and you will receive your order within 24-48 working hours.

21- Minimum order i can place?

The minimum amount of order varies from product to product but it is mentioned on the products page. You can add multiple items from the products page and can get amazing discounts. Although the minimum amount of order you can place is 100$, you will find errors.

22- How to pay with Bitcoins

BTC (bitcoins) remains our preferred means of payment as it offers 100% anonymity. If you are new to BTC, we recommend 3 ways for your best. It will help you know what bitcoins is.

  • Check the links to learn more about the following ways. Way 1, Way 2, Way 3. Note that every link we provide to you here, is a trusted and secure link. If you are not new to bitcoins and you have your own links or websites which you use, then kindly disregard this step-wise guide.
  • To buy bitcoins faster online using a credit card or PayPal account, there are several options available. But we recommend that you buy from companies through Coinbase, Xcoins (Coinbase and Xcoins are US based) or Coincorner (UK Based), or you buy from local vendors through Local Bit Coins.*If you do not want to open a Bitcoin wallet for yourself, you can Contact Us to request for our Bitcoin address which you can use with your local bitcoin exchanger from Local Bit Coins.
  • Your order will be confirmed once we receive funds and it will be processed and shipped within 24 working hours. Watch this video and follow the steps to be sure of how to buy bitcoins online.

Last Guide: You can get bitcoin with cash at an ATM from Coinatmradar. If you are new to using bitcoins, you can also please click here to get started, and also click here to get started with sending and receiving bitcoins.


23- How to pay with CashApp

CashApp is one of the quickest ways of sending payment from the USA, UK and Canada. You can need to follow simple step to make you CashApp payment successful;

  • Place your order and get an order no.
  • On the checkout page you will find the CashApp tag.
  • Simply copy the CashApp tag and send your total amount of order.