LSD | Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

LSD is an illegal, semi-synthetic drug that mixes natural and man-made substances. It’s derived from ergot, a fungus that grows on certain grains, and a non-organic chemical called diethylamide. LSD blotter stimulates serotonin production within the cortex and deep structures of the brain, by activating serotonin receptors.

LSD (LSD blotter)

These receptors help visualize and interpret the important world. the extra serotonin allows more stimuli to be processed than usual. Normally, the brain filters out irrelevant stimuli, Moreover, this is often not the case. It was first synthesized in 1935 by a Swiss chemist to treat respiratory depression.

Some of the popular consumable forms are:

  • Blotter Paper
  • Fine Powder
  • Liquid spray
  • Pills

Facts About LSD Blotter:

Naturally occurring hallucinogens are used for thousands of years in various cultural rituals.

  • In 2012, some 1.5 million people aged 12 years or older, or 0.6 percent of the population within the U.S., had used hallucinogens because of its extreme effects.
  • LSD dream emulator may be a potent and illegal hallucinogen that blurs the road between perception and imagination.
  • Use may trigger the onset of schizophrenia in those predisposed to the condition.
  • Effects can last up to 12-16 hours.

Street names: Acid paper, dots, and blotter paper.

LSD Effects:

Here’s why scientists think it works: When someone takes a psychedelic, there’s a decrease in blood flow and electrical activity within the brain’s “default mode network,” a gaggle of brain structures found within the frontal and pre-frontal cortex.

With the ego out of commission, the boundaries between self and world got together.These processes could also be associated with something called the “primary mystical experience,” phenomena highly correlated with therapeutic outcomes.

Studies explain these experiences include a “transcendence of your time and space,” a way of unity and sacredness, and a deeply felt positive mood.
Here are some key points about the LSD dream emulator. Furthermore, the detail is within the main article.

LSD History

In 1946, Hofman accidentally discovered its hallucinogenic properties when he absorbed some through his skin. Over the subsequent 15 years, LSD blotter was used as an anesthetic and to support psychoanalysis because of its chemical nature. The counterculture of the 1960s led thereto getting used for recreational purposes.

Due to its psychotic behavior and random acts of violence worldwide gained media attention and increased crime rate, production was stopped, and in 1967, LSD blotter was banned and classified as a Schedule 1 drug with no acceptable medical use. Its popularity has decreased since the 1970s.

How long does LSD stay in your system:

Traces of psychedelic LSD usually remains in your body for 5-7 days.

Tip: Consume more water about 8-10 glasses a day, if you want to detoxify its effects from the body.

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